Welcome to Roannay where you’ll be surprised
at all the wonders this area has to offer!

Come delve into the impressive cultural wealth and tradition offered by our beautiful region nestled within the lush and peaceful landscapes of the Ardennes, with its harmonious interweave of nature, towns and folklore. In a group, with clients or colleagues for a team building weekend but also with your family, other half or friends, take time out for the numerous activities and tours offered in Stavelot and around Francorchamps!

The Spa-Francorchamps racetrack

The Spa-Francorchamps racetrack is located in the heart of the green Ardennes region, and only 800m from Roannay, offering countless motor sports events.

Designated by many race drivers worldwide as being one of the most beautiful racetracks in the world, this legendary track is enjoyed and applauded for its hilly course and fast curves.

Drivers and visitors flock each year from all over the world to either participate or watch the many races: the famous Formula 1 Belgium Grand Prix, the 6 hours of Spa, the Spa Summer Classic, the FunCup or even the long-awaited 24 hours of Spa. There are also numerous motorcycle events for all bike lovers as well as many other activities throughout the year both during the week and on weekends.

Stavelot , steeped in tradition, heritage and culture

Francorchamps is part of the Stavelot township which is known for its grandiose Abbey and local folklore, and which brilliantly manages to juggle between its peaceful charm and a busy social calendar!
Stavelot hosts a myriad of entertaining cultural and folklore-heritage events all year long.

History buffs will be blown away by the Stavelot Abbey, an iconic structure of Stavelot history. Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the city or even participate in archaeological digs, as well as exploring its 3 museums and numerous temporary and varied exhibits.

Stavelot also annually hosts one of the most famous carnivals in Belgium, the Laetare des Blancs Moussis.

The Hautes Fagnes Natural Reserve

Just under 20 minutes from the Roannay Hotel, come explore the Hautes Fagnes Natural Reserve which is the largest in Belgium!

Boasting nearly 5000 hectares of lush and preserved nature, walkers can enjoy strolling through a peaceful and flourishing environment bearing breath-taking landscapes.

Visitors can admire the roll-out of bucolic and majestically sweeping views which are invariably transformed throughout the change of seasons.

Leisurely wander along the paths and characteristic wooden-plank trails of the reserve and become totally immersed in this naturally cherished sanctuary.

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